World class in metering and mixing technology

Intelligent solutions by DOPAG

Norsecraft Tec As is proud to be a dealer of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of high-quality metering technology. Wherever adhesives, resins, silicones or lubricants are metered and applied in industrial production, we offer reliable, precise solutions. We provide systems and components for highly automated production processes, including for the automotive, wind, household appliances and electrical industries, as well as for aviation and space travel.

DOPAG is part of the HILGER & KERN GROUP, a reliable supplier, development and service partner to industrial companies in a variety of market segments for over 90 years. The group employs around 350 people and has subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries.

Additive Manufacturing

Liquid 3D printing processes like SLA or DLP require metering and mixing of two-part material. DOPAG offers systems specially designed for this purpose.

Bonding + Sealing

Bonding and sealing is becoming an increasingly popular method of joining components without screws. With DOPAG systems, applications can be realized reliable and precise.

DOPAG offers reliable solutions for the manufacture of fibre composite components, for example RTM, Filament Winding, Infusion, Pultrusion, etc.


With dynamicLine and the new dynamic mixing head, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for all applications relating to gasketing.

Greasing + Oiling

Whether it be racks, headrests, door locks or just the wheel bearings in automobiles, all must be greased. DOPAG provides the optimum metering system for each of these applications.

 LSR: Injection Molding


The demand for silicone products made by injection molding of liquid silicone, is continually increasing. For the processing, DOPAG has developed the silcomix metering and mixing system.


In Potting, resins such as silicones, polyurethanes or epoxy resins are used in liquid form. For the production process, DOPAG offers various metering and mixing systems.