Grease and oil metering -Clean and precise application of lubricants

The friction generated between two or multiple mechanical components may cause damage to these elements. Lubricants can be used in order to avoid this damage. Grease and oil are particularly suited for this purpose. The lubricant of choice, however, must always suit individual requirements. Some greases, for example, are only used in wet environments while others are used for extreme temperatures. Highly flexible metering and job settings facilitate surface, contour, and spot application low to high-viscosity media. Thanks to close cooperation with the material manufacturers, the greasing and oiling processes are constantly being optimized and individually customized for your demands.

Metering of grease
Regardless of whether you need to grease gear racks, headrests, door locks or simply wheel bearings – DOPAG has the optimum pump and metering system for your purposes. This way, the grease will be delivered precisely in the specified volume and accurately applied to the predefined location on the component. Grease is usually prepared in material vessels with a capacity of 1 to 1,000 l. For each of these capacities, DOPAG can provide an ideal pump and metering system for delivering the grease directly from the original containers to the application spot. Depending on the requirements, grease may be discharged manually or automatically as well as shotwise or in a continuous bead shape. If grease must be applied to a component with a precise discharge volume during an automated production process, this is usually also done in an automated manner.

Metering of oil
With our oil metering systems, the oil is delivered from the original containers directly to the application spot. The oil is then either discharged onto the workpiece or into a motor or gearbox. DOPAG provides oil metering systems capable of processing a wide viscosity range from high to low viscosities. These oil metering systems are used in many industries such as the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the aerospace industry and the bearing manufacturing industry. Oil metering systems are driven with a low delivery pressure, in case of a low-viscosity medium, or via submerged pumps for media with a middle or high viscosity. The application may be carried out manually or automatically.

Especially for the specific requirements in the automotive industry DOPAG developped the lubriLine for perfect and high automated greasing and oiling. Click here for further information about the lubriLine.

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